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How right-of-way factors into motorcycle accidents

Whether you are at a stop sign, a traffic light or just riding down the road, drivers in passenger cars might have trouble seeing you because of the small size of your vehicle. As a result, another driver might fail to yield the right-of-way to you. This is one of the primary causes of the numerous motorcycle accidents that happen here in Colorado and across the country.

The Department of Transportation National Highway Safety Administration conducted a study to either confirm or dispel the perception that motorcycle riders are more often at fault in crashes than those in passenger vehicles. The agency reviewed nearly 900 scenes of accidents between motorcycles and passenger vehicles. It found that, in approximately two-thirds of those cases, it was the automobile driver who was at fault.

High-cervical nerve injury? Know what to expect

Injuring the vertebrae of your spinal cord can change your entire life in an instant, especially when your injury occurs in the higher vertebrae C1 through C4. While injuring vertebrae and enclosed nerves in any part of you back can inflict serious, long-term damage, the result of a high-cervical nerve (HCN) injury can be absolutely devastating.

If you recently suffered such injury, it is time to face some harsh possibilities about what your immediate future and ongoing quality of life may look like. The practical realities of living with such a severe injury may mean that your income decreases sharply or entirely dries up. At the same time, a HCN injury can affect nearly every area of your mobility and even your ability to communicate.

Trucks play a major role in fatal motor vehicle accidents

Do you trust that the truck next to you will stay in its lane? Do you trust that the driver of the truck behind you is paying attention? Perhaps you should be more wary since trucks play a major role in fatal motor vehicle accidents here in Colorado.

Many truckers live in other states and only pass through Colorado on their way to somewhere else. They are unfamiliar with the roads and do not know how the weather can make travel dangerous during certain times of the year. In fact, the stretch of Interstate 25 that runs through the state ranks as number 74 of the deadliest roads in the United States, according to the National Highway Safety Administration. Between 2004 and 2008, for every mile of I-25 in Colorado, .55 crash-related fatalities occurred. Colorado also ranks high when it comes to its icy roads.

Marijuana and fatal motor vehicle accidents in Colorado

The legalization of marijuana here in Colorado remains a controversial topic in many circles. Some researchers are looking at the connection between legalized marijuana use and fatal motor vehicle accidents. The bigger question is how marijuana affects an individual's driving.

Some studies found that there is a correlation between the amount of THC in an individual's blood and driving ability. Like alcohol, marijuana can reduce a driver's reaction time, motor coordination and judgment. However, since THC can remain in a person's system long after ingestion, research regarding the causal connection between marijuana use and fatal accidents could be misleading.

The relationship between BAC and fatal motor vehicle accidents

Many Colorado residents mistakenly believe that if their blood alcohol concentration is below the legal limit of .08 they are okay to drive. Unfortunately, that is not always true. A BAC of as little as .02 can affect the way an individual drives. Drivers who consume any amount of alcohol could cause fatal motor vehicle accidents.

A driver with a BAC of .02 could already have compromised judgment, vision and ability to perform two tasks at once. Every driver knows that driving requires the ability to multi-task, so even at this level a driver could be dangerous. At .05, a driver experiences some loss of coordination, difficulty steering and further loss of judgment, among other things.

5 TBI symptoms that can ruin your small business

You're a small business owner, and you're proud of what you've built. Perhaps you're in your 40s, but you have a business that has been your sole source of income for a decade. You plan to help it grow even more and pass it on to your kids. You've put everything you have into the company, emotionally and financially.

Then you suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Maybe you slip and fall on some else's property. Maybe you're involved in a car accident. Maybe a defective product injures you.

Largest Jury Verdict In A Dental Malpractice Case In Colorado History

The Mahoney Law Firm recently obtained the largest jury verdict in a dental malpractice case in Colorado history. The verdict was for $2 million dollars in a case where the defendant never made any offer.

iStock-112258787_dental_room.jpgIn October of 2013 our client underwent a dental procedure for treatment of recurrent decay around and under an existing crown. The dentist removed the crown and the post (which is used to provide stability to the crown) came out of the molar with the crown. Instead of re-using the old post hole into which to place a new post, the dentist drilled a new post hole next to the old post hole. Rather than following the path of the old post hole, which followed the root canal down the center of the root, the dentist drilled off-axis at an angle. The dentist asserted he could not use the old post hole because the new post he was using was too narrow and he could not obtain retention in the old post hole. The evidence showed instead of drilling a new post hole off-axis, all he had to do was utilize a wider post which would have been retentive in the old post hole.

Common causes and injuries of motorcycle accidents

Winter might still have some fight left in it here in Colorado, but that does not stop many people from wishing and waiting for warmer weather. When spring arrives, more people will be out on their motorcycles. Before that happens, it might be a good idea to review safety measures, including the common causes and injuries that occur in motorcycle accidents.

Drivers of passenger and commercial vehicles are often heard saying that they simply failed to see the motorcycle before they turned, changed lanes or otherwise moved into the path of a motorcycle and caused a collision. You could easily end up in a driver's blind spot due to the smaller profile of your motorcycle. The Transportation National Highway Safety Administration once reviewed approximately 900 accidents involving a passenger car and a motorcycle. In approximately two-thirds of them, the car driver was at fault.

Teens, cell phones and fatal motor vehicle accidents

Most Colorado teens cannot seem to wait to get their driver's licenses, and most of their parents would not mind waiting a little longer. Safety is a big issue for new drivers since they lack the experience of those who have been driving for some time. This makes teens who use cell phones while they drive at even more of a risk of being involved in fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Teens are warned about the dangers of using their cell phones to talk or text while they drive, but they tend to do it anyway. Their risk of being involved in an accident increases by at least four times. In approximately 75 percent of the crashes teens are involved in, distraction is a critical factor, along with speed and failing to continuously scan the roadway for hazards.

Factors that contribute to motorcycle accidents

Riding the open road, feeling the fresh air and enjoying the thrill of a ride through Colorado's beautiful landscape are just some of the upsides to riding, a motorcycle but there are downsides as well. Many of the factors that protect those in passenger and commercial vehicles are absent for a motorcycle rider. Numerous factors that might not ordinarily cross the minds of other motorists contribute to motorcycle accidents and the serious or fatal injuries that result.

The most obvious issue is the lack of protection a motorcyclist has when compared to those in other vehicles. Without that extra protection, what might be considered a minor accident in a passenger vehicle could be catastrophic. Depending on the circumstances, helmets and other protective clothing might minimize injuries, but injuries could still occur.

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