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Distracted driving and walking equals pedestrian accidents

Distracted driving has always been a problem, but not as much as it appears to be these days. Smart phones have provided numerous benefits to those who use them, but they also serve as dangerous distractions on the roadways. Colorado residents may not realize that it is not just the drivers getting distracted by their phones, but pedestrians as well. When distracted drivers and distracted walkers share the roadways, the results could easily be devastating pedestrian accidents.

In fact, in 2016, the number of pedestrian fatalities jumped 11 percent from 2015. This may not seem like a lot, but in real numbers, that means that 6,000 people died in vehicle versus pedestrian accidents last year. The overall number of traffic fatalities "only" rose 6 percent last year by comparison. That means that more pedestrians are dying, and researchers believe they know why.

Drugs, alcohol and speed cause many fatal motor vehicle accidents

Not every Colorado resident considers the consequences of his or her actions when it comes to driving. This is evidenced by the fact that many fatal motor vehicle accidents involve factors such as drugs, alcohol and speeding. People who cause these accidents often fail to consider that they hold other people's lives in their hands when they engage in these and other dangerous behaviors while driving.

For example, police in Colorado Springs report that speed and drugs contributed to a single-car accident that took place on a recent Thursday. The preliminary reports indicate that as the driver traveled south, he drove off the right side of the roadway. The vehicle was traveling at a fast enough speed that it knocked down a traffic signal.

Interesting stats on fatal motor vehicle accidents and alcohol

The media here in Colorado report deaths on the state's roadways far more often than anyone would like to see. When fatal motor vehicle accidents occur, one of the questions that law enforcement agencies, and even the media, have is whether alcohol was a factor. This is because a disturbing number of deadly crashes involve drunk driving.

People may not realize that someone dies in a drunk driving accident approximately every 51 minutes in the United States. Someone is injured in such a crash approximately every two minutes as well. All of these injuries and deaths happen in accidents that are entirely preventable.

Are you overlooking these common causes of truck accidents?

If you spend any time driving in or around the Denver, Colorado, area, you know that you are always sharing the road with truckers.

While most truck drivers share the road and act in a responsible manner, you should not expect this to be the case across the board.

Survivors live with the memories of fatal motor vehicle accidents

There is often no rhyme or reason to who lives and who dies in a crash. Many of those who survive fatal motor vehicle accidents have to live with the memories. A Colorado teenager who recently lost his mother in a wreck said that he will never forget the day that his life changed forever.

The 17-year-old was in the car with his mother as they headed east on Interstate 70 on a recent Sunday. For reasons that are not yet known, a vehicle careened from the westbound lanes, through the grass median and into the path of the eastbound mother and son. The now wrong-way vehicle slammed into the unsuspecting pair.

What factors increase the potential for pedestrian accidents?

Nearly everywhere you look here in Denver, there are people walking. Such a concentration of people on foot tends to increase the chances of pedestrian accidents. However, there seem to be certain groups who become involved in these accidents more often than others.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5,376 pedestrians died in crashes across the country in 2015. In fact, the chance of dying in an accident increases by 1.5 times for those on foot versus those in vehicles. In that same year, 129,000 people ended up in emergency rooms with survivable injuries after being involved in a pedestrian crash.

Motorcycle accidents, devastating injuries and monetary losses

All that is between you and the road is your helmet, your clothes and the two wheels beneath you. In many ways, that gives you a sense of freedom as you ride through Colorado's beautiful mountain scenery, but it also puts you at risk for serious injuries. Motorcycle accidents often end up causing devastating injuries, which ultimately lead to high monetary losses during your recovery.

Medical expenses and lost income are usually just the beginning of the damages that you suffer in an accident. As you lay in the hospital or sit at home waiting for your body to mend, you probably start wondering how you are going to afford to support you and your family. Using vacation time and sick time, if you have any, will not last forever. The paychecks could run out before you can return to work. Of course, that assumes that you can return to work at all.

What should I know if I have a metal-on-metal hip implant?

A hip replacement is a huge deal. You know that you will have to be off work for a while, but you likely don't think that the choice to have a replacement could make your life difficult as it often does for people in this situation.

Unfortunately, people who had a metal-on-metal hip implant are finding that the design of these implants is causing some problems. Metal-on-metal do have some of the same problems and risks as other types of hip implants. However, there are some problems that are associated with only these implants.

Has marijuana use contributed to fatal motor vehicle accidents?

Nearly everyone already knows that Colorado is one of three states that permit the recreational use marijuana. In the time since the legalization of recreational marijuana use, accidents, likely including some fatal motor vehicle accidents, have risen approximately 3 percent. A recent study appears to show a causal link between the two variables.

That study did not look specifically at fatal crashes, and it did not find a concrete link between the use of marijuana in the three states in which it is legalized. What the researchers did was compare the number of auto accident claims prior to the date that the drug was legalized in each state to the number after legalization. The data indicated that here in Colorado, the number of crashes has risen approximately 16 percent, which is much higher than the other two states involved.

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