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August 2012 Archives

Risks of medical radiation may outweigh benefits

Radiation can reveal hidden medical conditions like broken bones, lung lesions or heart defects. It is also known to treat and cure some cancers. According to new research, medical professionals and patients are often unaware of the serious risks associated with radiation therapy. Patients in Denver, Colorado and nationwide should consider the potential risks as well as the benefits of radiation before pursuing treatment to prevent medical injury.

Residents in surgical training are safe for patients

Residents are medical school graduates who are going through additional training in a specialized area, including surgery. Considering the extra effort needed to guide and train students and the potential for error, it may be an assumption that this creates additional risk for patients. According to new research, having a surgeon-in-training or a resident participating in an operation does not increase the risk of surgical complications.

"Overtreatment" of patients leads to medical error

Improved opportunities in health care may include advanced treatments and procedures, however, when medical professionals "overtreat" their patients, it can result in more errors. The number of patients, complications in treatment, and financial pressures on hospitals has increased the potential for more mistakes. Mistakes can be caused by bad judgment, inexperience, negligence or even recklessness. In any case, when a medical error is made, patients will suffer.

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