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Atlanta hospital faces wrongful infant death lawsuits

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2012 | Birth Injuries

Three lawsuits charge an Atlanta medical facility with the alleged wrongful deaths of three infants over a 60-day period during the summer of 2012. The cases include failure to administer cesarean deliveries in a timely manner and a failure to diagnose early labor. The lawsuits include the facility along with several doctors and other medical professionals. A fourth lawsuit is possibly pending for yet an additional wrongful death related to a birth injury of a baby with a nerve disorder.

The facility insists that it provides optimum health care to those admitted and cites its established record of almost 50 years in the community. However, the attorney who represents all three mothers believes the facility could have prevented the deaths. The lawsuit will pursue financial compensation for medical expenses, punitive sanctions, pain and suffering, and loss of possible future earnings.

All three plaintiffs are angry over the lack of care they experienced at the facility. In one case, the mother blames unnecessary delays in conducting a cesarean for the death of her infant. When seven months pregnant, another mother went to the hospital complaining of decreased fetal movement and other symptoms. She was told she had the flu, given acetaminophen and sent home. She returned to the hospital in excruciating pain where she delivered her premature baby, who died shortly thereafter. The third mother gave birth to a baby with no brain activity due to hospital staff not recognizing her need for a cesarean delivery before it was too late.

Parents who suffer through the trauma of birth injuries or deaths need legal counsel. A personal injury attorney can advise clients regarding compensation for injuries, recover medical expenses and pursue damages for pain and suffering.

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