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Man dies after dental surgery

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2013 | Surgical Errors

What most Denver oral surgeons consider a standard procedure turned deadly for a 24-year-old man after he experienced complications during surgery to remove his wisdom teeth. Now his family and friends are questioning whether his surgeon made a surgical error.

The oral surgeon says that the patient started coughing and woke up during the removal of his wisdom teeth. He was given propofol, a powerful anesthetic. He stopped breathing, and CPR was started while the staff waited for the paramedics to arrive.

The paramedics reported that there were two pieces of gauze in the man’s airway when they attempted to intubate him. He was transferred to a hospital and died three days later. It is not known why he became distressed during a routine dental procedure. An autopsy is pending, and the family is waiting for the results before deciding whether to begin legal action. The oral surgeon did visit the family at the hospital to offer his apologies, and he released a statement through his attorney. It states that the highest standard of care is provided to all of his patients, but that even simple surgical procedures are not without risks. He also stated that all proper protocols were followed.

When surgeries go wrong and a patient dies, the family is often left looking for answers. Sometimes a medical error led to the death, and it may be helpful for the surviving family members to allow a Colorado medical malpractice attorney to review the case. Nothing is going to bring back a lost family member, but an attorney may be able to arrange a settlement that helps the family receive a sense of justice.

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