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June 2013 Archives

When not to have surgery

People in Colorado who are considering having a surgery might benefit from considering what time of year it is before they go in for their surgeries. In ancient medical-astrology, doctors planned certain surgeries around the lunar cycles. Even though doctors don't necessarily plan around lunar cycles today, timing may still be relevant.

Medical malpractice can extend to prescription errors

Most people trust their physicians and pharmacists and, for the most part, with good reason. A large number of Colorado medical professionals are diligent, trustworthy and go the extra mile to ensure exemplary patient care. However, even among the most conscientious medical providers, mistakes happen. Medication errors are often undetected unless the dosage or wrong medicine causes physical symptoms that may be damaging or deadly.

Possible causes of dosage errors

When drugs are in short supply in Colorado, it can lead to patients receiving incorrect dosages of prescribed medications. One example of this is when a healthcare organization discovered that the hospitals it controlled were running short of potassium acetate in 2 mEq/mL dosages. To make up for the shortfall, the group began ordering potassium acetate in larger dosages. When the new medication was entered into the organization's database, it was not marked as having a different dosage, leading to hospital workers administering the wrong amount of medication to patients.

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