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New hormone treatment for traumatic brain injury

Colorado residents who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may be very interested to learn of the results of a new study involving treatment of the debilitating trauma. It is believed that over two million people have been affected every year. Researchers now believe they may have found a possible cure discovered in a substance the human body produces naturally.

Patients should report poor care at hospitals

Colorado residents who experience less than stellar medical care should be sure to alert hospital administrators of problems they experience. Studies done by the Harvard School of Medicine show that one in five people suffer injury during their stay in a hospital. Another study, done by Johns Hopkins University, estimates that nearly 100,000 people a year die as a result of medical care they receive. Fatalities are due to everything from wrong medications to surgical error.

New tool aims to reduce injuries during C-sections

Although rare, newborns can sometimes sustain injuries during a C-section delivery in what is the most often-performed surgery in Colorado and across the nation. In one such birth injury, an infant suffered a cut on her face, known as a fetal laceration. These injuries occur when the surgeon attempts to extract the baby with a scalpel and accidentally cuts the baby during the process.

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