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August 2013 Archives

Study determines why health diagnoses are delayed

A review of more than 100 outpatient cases was conducted by the Veterans Affairs National Center for Patient Safety in an effort to determine the reasons why outpatient misdiagnoses and treatment delays occur. The results of the study may have Colorado veterans nodding their heads in agreement, having personally experienced the exact type of frustrating delays made public in August's edition of the VA's Health Affairs publication.

Surgery on wrong leg results in additional corrective surgeries

Colorado residents facing the possibility of surgery may be interested to hear of a Florida surgery that had unexpected results. According to a report by Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration, a patient who had undergone surgery on July 3 awoke from the procedure at a Daytona Beach hospital to find that her surgeon had operated on the wrong leg.

Researchers test hormone therapy for brain injuries

Colorado readers may be interested in a new therapy for brain injuries that is now undergoing clinical trials across the nation. The study, known as "Protect," uses the hormone progesterone to reduce the dangerous swelling that often accompanies a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. The swelling is what causes brain damage, so any therapy that reduces swelling would help to protect the brains of patients suffering from a TBI.

Consumer Reports survey downrates several prominent hospitals

After 18 months of research and preparation, Consumer Reports published a survey that ranks hospitals across the nation on the basis of how well patients fared during and after certain surgical procedures. The survey drew a surprising conclusion: Smaller hospitals may meet or exceed the performance of large and more well-known hospitals. Two Colorado hospitals, Memorial Health System and Penrose-St. Francis Health Services, both in Colorado Springs, received a high rating.

Check prescriptions to avoid medication errors

Because medical providers see a large amount of patients within a short amount of time, the likelihood of prescription medication errors is more common than most Colorado residents might think. In addition, the doctor does not write many prescriptions; instead, they are often called in to pharmacies or entered via computer. Over 98,000 deaths in the United States are associated with medical errors, including medication errors, annually, according to NewsOne New York.

Pharmaceutical errors can be costly

Pharmacists are among the most trusted professionals in the nation, but sometimes a prescription is filled incorrectly with the wrong dose or medication. A diabetes patient was recently given a 1.25 level instead of the prescribed 1.50. As a result, the person's blood sugar began creeping up. When the medication was returned to the drugstore, it was confirmed as the wrong prescription.

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