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October 2013 Archives

Minor traumatic brain injuries difficult to diagnose

While many Colorado residents may have heard about TBI, or traumatic brain injury, many may not know that most of these are actually minor injuries. This does not mean that minor TBI, or mTBI, is nothing to be concerned about. It was reported that mTBI is actually a major public health issue. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers mTBI a silent epidemic.

Mother dies in stent assembly line

Colorado residents might be astonished to hear that a mother died under the care of a doctor who has been accused of needlessly using stents to keep the hospital's revenue flowing. When he was trying to insert a stent in an artery near her kidney back in January 2006, he allegedly punctured the wall of her kidney, causing internal bleeding and her eventual death 17 days later. The doctor is now facing several federal lawsuits.

Denver TBI sufferers may risk personality changes

Data released in October may indicate that traumatic brain injuries lead to more effects than the ones with which they're most commonly associated. Reports say that although many people are aware of the occurrence of symptoms such as vertigo, memory recall problems, headaches and dizziness, TBI sufferers and their loved ones are often caught off guard by the onset of personality changes.

Surgeon malpractice may be at root of cardiac stent binge

According to senior doctors and other medical professionals, as many as half of all cardiac stent procedures in Denver and across the country are unnecessary and may actually be causing fatalities due to the weakening of heart muscles in patients. Surgeon malpractice may even be involved, these experts claim, because of the large amount of money earned for performing the procedure. The financial impact of the medical field's alleged overuse of stents was about $110 billion over the past 10 years.

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