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December 2013 Archives

Asthma may often be misdiagnosed

One in 12 people in Colorado and across the nation are diagnosed with health-related breathing issues each year like asthma, which currently affects 25 million people in this country. However, experts report that many suffer a misdiagnosis, and prescription drugs can cause additional problems. A pulmonologist reported that between 25 and 30 percent of people can be wrongly diagnosed.

Teenage girl dies after tonsillectomy

In a case that has grabbed the attention of hospital safety advocates in Colorado and across the nation, a teenage girl was taken off of life support on Dec. 17 after she suffered a number of complications following a routine tonsillectomy. On Dec. 9, the operation took place seemingly without any problems. However, as the girl recovered, complications arose, and blood clots were even coming out of her mouth, according to her mother.

Robot recall increases surgery risks

Patients and families in major cities like Denver may be concerned about another warning issued by Intuitive Surgical Inc. in December 2013. The fabricator of the $1.5 million robot surgical operating system warns that the device stalling could result in a surgical error due to friction in the arms of certain devices. The initial urgent medical device recall was first issued in November 2013, warning that the defect may affect more than 1,380 devices around the world.

Study finds chest pain not indicative of heart attack in women

Colorado patients may be interested to learn that the results from a study revealed that chest pain in women was not necessarily indicative of a heart attack. The researchers had hoped that chest pain in women be used as a way to detect acute myocardial infarction during its early stages.

Concussion patients prematurely discharged

A concussion is caused by trauma to the brain that is usually the result of hitting the head on or with an object. Colorado skiers and football players who are at risk of suffering a concussion might wish to know that the Journal of Neurology recently published an article containing new findings about concussion trauma, healing and the risk of further brain damage.

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