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Colorado crash leads to one injury

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2014 | MVA/Car Accidents

According to news sources, a car accident that took place in southeast Denver around 1 p.m. on July 7 resulted in the injury of a single victim. Following the motor vehicle accident, which occurred at an intersection, a section of road remained closed to traffic for some time.

The female motorist who sustained the injuries was allegedly hit by a U-Haul truck that suddenly drove out in front of the vehicle she was driving. Although the speeds the vehicles were traveling at were not released, a police spokesperson said the force of the wreck was strong enough to cause enough structural damage to trap the woman in her car.

After the woman was physically extricated from her wrecked vehicle, she was transported to a local area hospital. Reports claimed that she is likely to survive her injuries, although their extent and nature remains unclear at this time. Authorities charged the U-Haul operator with a traffic violation for failing to observe the correct right-of-way.

Vehicle accidents may result in immediate injuries, but the pain and suffering victims may experience often lasts well after the accident. Victims may be left unable to hold down jobs or face increased living expenses, such as medical bills and insurance hikes. Those who survive accidents may want to consider researching their legal options. Gathering incident evidence or filing civil suits could improve their situations if such actions are planned in advance. Seeking counsel and compiling pertinent information, like accident reports and traffic cam footage, might also reduce the expenses associated with litigation.

Source: The Denver Post, “Crash involving U-Haul trunk injures one in SE Denver“, Kieran Nicholson, July 07, 2014