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Denver hit-and-run accident severely injures man on scooter

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2014 | MVA/Car Accidents

A man accused of hitting a motorized scooter and abandoning its critically injured rider was held at a detention center court on June 22. According to police reports, the 53-year-old driver ran over the scooter rider with his Pontiac Grand Prix on May 30, causing the rider to be hurled 20 feet on Colfax Avenue. The 43-year-old man suffered a serious leg and spinal cord injury.

Reports say onlookers tried to apprehend the Pontiac driver as he sped away. Police later recovered a license plate at the scene and reportedly used it to track down the driver. The man was soon detained at his apartment where he reportedly admitted to using methamphetamine. He was charged with vehicular assault.

Officers who responded to the crash say they were expecting a fatality, and doctors predicted the man would pass away the same night. The scooter rider was hospitalized for a week and diagnosed with central cord syndrome, a condition that limits arm and hand functionality. The man must keep his hand covered often due to sensitive nerve damage, and his recovery requires wearing a boot and a neck brace. While he has received some financial assistance, the injured man reportedly has no health insurance and is coping with ongoing medical costs.

In some instances, an injured crash victim may experience long-term mobility loss, and their future employment may be limited, thus increasing financial hardships. Filing a lawsuit may help a victim recover out-of-pocket costs for their damaged property and physical injuries. In a hit-and-run case, a lawyer may argue that the accused driver’s decision to leave the scene violated Colorado traffic laws and may have contributed to the severity of a victim’s injuries.

Source: The Denver Post, “Denver hit-and-run victim seeks justice, answers as he climbs back“, Jesse Paul, June 22, 2014