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2-vehicle crash in Denver leaves 7 injured

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2014 | MVA/Car Accidents

An early morning accident involving two vehicles left seven people injured in Denver on July 21. According to Denver Police, the motor vehicle accident happened about 2:30 a.m. when a Ford Explorer ran a red light and crashed into a smaller vehicle. The driver of the Explorer has been arrested and is facing at least one vehicular assault charge for her role in the incident.

The Explorer had been headed east on Colfax Avenue at an estimated 70 miles per hour, about double the speed limit, when it ran the light at the intersection with Speer Boulevard, colliding with a southbound vehicle. The impact caused the Explorer to flip onto its side and left the smaller vehicle wrapped around a light pole and nearly split into two, and a large piece of it was thrown several feet away from the vehicle.

The four people in the Explorer and the three people in the smaller vehicle were all injured in the crash. Two of the people in the second vehicle suffered serious injuries. Witnesses reported that racing might have been a factor in the incident, but police are more confident that an argument led to the crash. They are looking through security footage to determine the actual cause.

Anyone who suffers injuries because of a driver’s reckless or negligent act might choose to file personal injury claims. Evidence from a police investigation as well as from a criminal case, if there is one, could be used as evidence in a civil claim. If a claim is successful, a victim could receive compensation for medical care as well as any wages that were lost because of a recovery period.

Source: Fox 31 Denver, “Seven hurt in ‘violent’ crash; intersection of Speer and Colfax reopens“, Chuck Hickey, July 21, 2014