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September 2014 Archives

Are wrong-site surgeries preventable?

Colorado patients may not imagine themselves facing the consequences of wrong-site surgical procedures, but statistics based on certain types of surgeries may cause some to think twice. Reports indicate that for orthopedic surgeons exceeding 25 years of experience, at least 25 percent have been involved in wrong-site errors. Of hand surgeons, 20 percent may perform wrong-site surgeries during their careers. In fact, statistics indicate that a WSS may occur in as many as one of every 112,994 surgical procedures. Unfortunately, the statistics can vary dramatically based on the type of procedure, but with more transparency in reporting, the number of incidents recorded has definitely risen.

$73 million settlement awarded in vaginal-mesh lawsuit

A settlement that was awarded for injuries caused by a vaginal-mesh implant may be of interest to Colorado residents. On Sept. 8, a judge in Dallas ordered Boston Scientific Corp. to pay a woman $73 million for both compensatory and punitive damages. According to the woman's claim, the Obtryx sling sold by Boston Scientific caused her to suffer from constant pain.

Who might be included in a medical malpractice suit?

Colorado residents may be aware that malpractice lawsuits are not limited to surgeons and physicians but can brought against a wide spectrum of health care workers and related organizations. Potential defendants in a medical malpractice claim may include but are not limited to pharmaceutical companies, health care facilities, anesthesiologists, nurses and chiropractors.

Misdiagnosis may result in harm to the patient

Many doctors in Colorado treat patients appropriately, providing them with proper care. Occasionally, however, physicians make mistakes that might cause harm and financial distress to the patient. When that happens, it may be necessary to evaluate the doctor's diagnosis and treatment choices.

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