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Collision with vehicle in Colorado kills pedestrian

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2014 | Pedestrian Accidents

The Lone Tree Police Department responded to a fatal accident involving a pedestrian on Oct. 3. The authorities reported that the accident happened around 10:11 p.m. when a 52-year-old Englewood man attempted to cross the road at Oswego Street and Lincoln Avenue.

The man traveled north in the crosswalk at Oswego and was hit by a vehicle headed west on Lincoln Avenue. The pedestrian went to Littleton Hospital and died after suffering multiple blunt force injuries in the wreck. The police said the pedestrian crossed the street against the traffic signal, and the motorists questioned told police that westbound traffic had a green light when the collision took place.

The driver who struck the man stayed at the scene and cooperated with the police. An officer noted that drivers probably did not see the man as it was dark, and Lone Tree officials are investigating the accident and looking for witnesses who saw the crash.

In some cases, motorists fail to check their blind spots or watch for pedestrians. When drivers do not extend caution to pedestrians on the road, they could be liable when a fatal accident occurs. If a pedestrian ignored traffic signals, this does not necessarily mean he or she is responsible for a crash. An accident investigation might reveal that a driver was texting and driving when a wreck occurred, and one may argue that a driver could have prevented the wreck without distraction.

If a preventable accident takes the life of a loved one, a victim’s family might be able to file a suit in civil court against the responsible driver. A wrongful death claim allows a family to recover expenses lost due to funeral costs and medical expenses.

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