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Statistics regarding the severity of truck-involved accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2014 | Truck Accidents

Residents of Colorado might be interested in reading about a 2013 statistical report regarding truck accidents on U.S. roadways and the losses they incur. Annually, 4,500 people die in accidents caused by trucks, leading to significant personal injury, property and productivity losses. While truck-involved accidents account for 11 percent of all deadly vehicle accidents, only 8 percent of freeway traffic consists of trucks, according to the study.

The study further revealed that with an increase of trucks traveling on roadways, even if the increase is only 1 percent, the chances for serious accidents also increase, and when trucks outnumber other vehicles on the roadways, fatal crash probabilities increase. Moreover, the study evidenced other factors that determine the severity of truck accidents, with speed being a second major factor. When a truck driver increases in speeds above 45 mph, the chances for a deadly collision are doubled. The study also found that male truck drivers, who are characterized as being more prone to aggressive driving, speeding and driving while impaired, caused the majority of fatal accidents. Truck drivers who are fatigued or who are driving while under the influence have a decreased ability to judge and react while driving; therefore, the risk for a fatal accident is increased by about seven times.

The size and type of the truck were considered in the study as well. Long trucks or combination trucks present a greater risk for severe accidents since the driver’s view is restricted. Also intensifying the risk for a severe crash are fast moving trucks, such as those traveling down highways, and poor weather conditions including snowy road surfaces that actually doubles the danger.

Surviving truck accident victims or families of a loved one who died in a truck accident may consider retaining a local lawyer for guidance in filing a claim if they believe the truck driver caused the crash through speeding or carelessness. If the court finds the truck driver guilty of negligent driving, the plaintiff may be compensated for their accident-related losses.

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