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The primary cause and management of whiplash

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2014 | Car Accidents

The main cause of whiplash is a car crash in which one car rear-ends a vehicle that is motionless. The individual in the motionless vehicle is likely to suffer whiplash. It may be beneficial for Colorado residents to understand more about whiplash in order to avoid long-term injury if they or their loved ones become victims.

Rear-end impacts tend to force the neck and head to hyperextend, which sends them backward, while the rest of the body moves forward into a hyperflexed position. Shortly after, the neck and head are thrown forward. This may cause an abnormal S-shape in the spine, resulting in soft tissue damage in the cervical vertebrae.

Depending on the symptoms a whiplash victim experiences, treatment may vary. While whiplash patients may be advised to wear soft cervical collars for specified periods, patients who implement early range of motion and exercises sometimes report having more rapid and reliable improvement of symptoms, as immobilization may lead to increased stiffness. Not moving the neck and head may also result in damaged muscles healing in shortened positions and reduced blood flow to damaged soft tissues.

A person who suffers whiplash in an auto accident could be out of work until the injury heals. While the individual loses wages from lost work time, he or she might also incur medical costs for physical therapy. If another person caused the accident because of negligent actions, the injured individual might receive compensation for lost wages and medical costs through a personal injury lawsuit.

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