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April 2015 Archives

Colorado resident killed in Wyoming pile-up

A Colorado resident was killed in an accident involving multiple vehicles on Interstate 80 in Wyoming on April 20. The accident left one other person dead and several people injured. Smoke from several fires related to the accident could be seen for miles. Additionally, the accident left that section of the interstate closed until at least the next day.

Seat belt usage and fatal crashes

Drivers and passengers in Colorado and other states often take their safety while traveling by motor vehicle for granted and do not use seat belts while on the road. This has fatal consequences in many cases as shown by the low seat belt usage and number of fatalities in Wyoming. As of April 8, the state had 27 fatalities due to highway crashes and a low rate of seat belt compliance.

Limiting use of a tool that may cause disseminated cancer

Colorado residents interested in warnings by the Food and Drug Administration may know that in November 2014 the FDA warned that a device used to break up intrauterine growths might be instrumental in causing cancer to spread. Some insurers, including UnitedHealth, require authorization, without which the procedure is not paid. Others, including Highmark, no longer cover procedures that use the device.

Distracted driving a factor in 60 percent of teen crashes

Colorado residents may have read reports about the large number of teen drivers who send and receive text messages while driving, but they may not realize how serious the problem is. Data compiled by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals that driver distraction is a factor in 60 percent of serious accidents involving teenage drivers, which is significantly higher than previous estimates.

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