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What are the most common medical or hospital errors?

If you are about to undergo medical treatment in a hospital or physician's office setting, you are right to want to know the worst that might happen. Patient self-education is becoming an increasingly important tool in preventing health care negligence. This is because with an education, the patient can ask the right questions of his or her care providers and have a better chance of spotting any danger signs before treatment begins.

Burns don't always come from chemicals or hot surfaces

When you think of burns, you probably think of thermal burns -- which you get from hot surfaces and open flames -- and chemical burns. It's wise to note that you can also get serious burns from cold surfaces and cold temperatures. These are known as cold burns.

Colorado Springs police reveal the most dangerous intersections

Wouldn't it be nice to know which areas in your city pose the most car accident hazards? In Colorado Springs, law enforcement personnel have recently provided a tidbit of this kind of information to the town's residents. Reportedly, the data comes from traffic accident information collected last year, revealing at least 100 dangerous Colorado Springs intersections.

Some Wyoming roads are especially hazardous to pedestrians

Weather, road conditions, traffic, reckless driving — whatever the reason, many pedestrians in Colorado's neighboring state of Wyoming are injured or killed each year. According to Transportation for America, one of the reasons may be that many Wyoming roadways are "dangerous by design." The term dangerous by design typically refers to arterial roads in suburban and even urban areas that were not designed to accommodate foot traffic safely.

Necessary elements of a winning truck accident injury suit

Personal injury lawyers often hear stories about fear of not having enough proof to pursue a personal injury case following a car or truck accident. While this is certainly a valid concern, it is not very difficult to figure out if enough evidence exists to move forward. Doing so can ensure accident victims, who already have enough hardship on their plates, do not waste their time or their energy.

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