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Colorado Springs police reveal the most dangerous intersections

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2015 | Car Accidents

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which areas in your city pose the most car accident hazards? In Colorado Springs, law enforcement personnel have recently provided a tidbit of this kind of information to the town’s residents. Reportedly, the data comes from traffic accident information collected last year, revealing at least 100 dangerous Colorado Springs intersections.

Here are the five most hazardous intersections in the city in order of the most accidents.

— I-25 at Woodmen– I-25 at Nevada– I-25 at Cimarron– I-25 at Garden of the Gods– Cimarron and 8th

One resident of Nevada Avenue said it seems as if car accidents have increased over the past year. She added that she witnessed a car accident on Nevada herself several months ago. A transportation manager said it was feasible DUI and excessive speed contributed to one recent accident in the area. The accident occurred Sunday, July 12 on Nevada Avenue and East Jackson. Reportedly, one car was split completely in half after being struck by another vehicle.

The transportation manager also said it is typical for intersections to experience a high volume of car accidents. She said that Nevada Avenue in particular has a great deal of traffic and added that most of the time the cause of car accidents is simply operator error.

While vigilance and paying attention to traffic reports is always a good idea when driving near intersections and in high traffic areas, car accidents will still occur. Victims can seek compensation for injuries as well as for any property damage by seeking help from a Colorado based personal injury attorney.

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