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September 2015 Archives

Children live through a car accident, thanks to the seat belts

Two young girls are alive and well, with just some minor injuries, after a two-car wreck in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The emergency response team that came to the scene of the crash says that the only reason they can make that claim is that they were both buckled in. The police chief didn't say the girls would have passed away without the seat belts, but that they could have been hurt much more seriously.

The full cost of burn injuries

A lot of burn injuries in Colorado are actually pretty minor. A study in 2011 showed that people suffering from thermal burns were only out of work for five days, on average, while people with chemical burns missed just three days.

Colorado car accident leaves one woman dead

On Saturday afternoon, September 12, a woman was killed after being struck by a pickup truck. The accident occurred in Colorado Springs near North Circle Drive and East Uintah Street just before 4 p.m. Police took the pickup driver, a 64-year-old man, into custody for suspicion of vehicular homicide.

Nursing home negligence: Another form of medical malpractice

Unfortunately, medical malpractice can appear in many forms. When the time comes to seek long-term care for the elder members of a family, nursing homes are among the first options. This occurs when the elders are no longer able to care for themselves and function safely.

Taking action after a truck accident is not unethical

Colorado or Wyoming accidents in which big rig trucks strike smaller automobiles can leave victims battling severe or critical injuries. These tractor trailer trucks carry an enormous amount of weight, making them more dangerous than other vehicles. Because of this increased danger, those licensed to operate these large trucks must meet a higher set of standards designed to make the roads safer.

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