Unfortunately, medical malpractice can appear in many forms. When the time comes to seek long-term care for the elder members of a family, nursing homes are among the first options. This occurs when the elders are no longer able to care for themselves and function safely.

Like all other members of the American population, nursing home residents have the right to enjoy the best quality of life available to them. Under law, this right extends to the care elders receive while residing in a nursing home. The law helps preserve these basic rights, which include the following and many others:

— Be treated with respect and dignity

— Be free from neglect or abuse

— Be free from physical and chemical (drugs) restraints

— Be involved in the choice of doctors and treatments

— Be informed about his or her medical condition

— Be involved in developing a care plan

When these rights are violated, it can directly affect the resident’s health and happiness. When negligence and malpractice are involved, it can pose a threat to their very lives. Most of the time, when an aged person lives in a nursing home, it is because he or she is frail and needs protection.

Family members must take any sign that may indicate possible negligence, abuse or medical malpractice seriously. Many times, these concerns will turn out to be unfounded, but on the chance that the risk is real, family members are urged to seek help for their fragile elders. The Mahoney Law Firm, P.C., serving the Denver, Colorado, area, is committed to the protection of our nation’s elders. We urge you to explore the content available on our medical malpractice web page and to reach out to our staff if you are concerned about your elderly loved one.