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Alleged road rage shooter connected to 3 car accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2015 | MVA/Car Accidents

There were three car accidents in Aurora, Colorado, back on Oct. 15, and the police believe that a man accused of firing a gun in traffic as part of a road rage incident is to blame. The man who has been accused of shooting the gun is 34 years old.

The police said the first call came in at roughly 8:18 in the morning. That person just said that there was a reckless driver on the highway. However, it was not long before more reports came in. These ones claimed that a vehicle driving down East Orchard Road was the source of a handful of gunshots.

The suspect reportedly was driving a red tuck, a Toyota. The reports said he was firing out of that truck and aiming for other drivers.

A woman was also driving down Orchard Road at that time, and bullets struck her car. The police don’t actually think that the man was shooting at her, but that her car was just in the area and was struck. She was driving a Hyundai SUV, and she is 57 years old.

The woman slammed on the brakes when her car was hit. Two more cars then rammed into her. The woman suffered injuries to her face, but police do not know if she was hit with broken glass or one of the bullets.

When the man who allegedly had fired the shots fled the scene, he sideswiped another vehicle, drove the wrong way down a road and smashed into a third car. One of the cars followed him and then police caught up and took him into custody.

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