Many burn injuries are external, especially when they are thermal burns. They result in blistered skin, scars and things of this nature. While these are common, it’s important to know that it is also possible to suffer from internal burn injuries.

Now, you could suffer internal injuries along with thermal burns. For example, smoke inhalation can have very serious and lasting effects.

One of the more common ways to suffer internal injuries, though, is due to an electrical burn. Professionals warn that electrical burns, even when they appear bad at first, are almost always worse in reality. They can cause a ton of injuries that the emergency personnel, hospital staff and rescue crews may not even notice right away.

While electrical burns can also cause external injuries like those noted above, the internal injuries they cause could include:

— Nerve damage– Brain damage– A heart attack– A reputed ear drum– Broken bones– And much more

External injuries don’t have to be large for a person’s internal injuries to be significant. In fact, it’s been reported that a burn that just looks about the size of a dime on the skin could make it so a person has to lose his or her entire limb. First responders and others may not think that the damage is great at first, but a closer look can reveal tremendous and even permanent damage.

You must know the full range of your injuries if you’ve suffered a burn, both inside and out, and then you need to know what rights you have to compensation in Colorado for all of the costs that go along with them.

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