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Lengthy recovery: One reason to seek legal help for burn injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Personal Injury

Burn injuries can be quite severe, often with devastating consequences affecting the victim’s ability to resume a normal life. In addition to hospitalization and numerous surgeries, victims must often engage in long-term rehabilitation and physical therapy before they can begin to move forward with their lives.

A typical severe burn injury could mean the patient will undergo lengthy and sometimes painful treatment regimes overseen by more than one medical care provider. Adding to this already costly treatment, the patient will likely also be treated by physical therapists, plastic surgeons and other specialists. What this adds up to is a long and very expensive recovery.

Modern medicine has given burn victims more hope than ever that they might heal and return to at least a semi-normal life. However, this hope comes at a cost—a cost of time and money. Most treatments for severe burn injuries involve a four phase approach. The first three phases deal with life preservation, initial necessary surgeries and complex wound closures. These can save lives but they do not offer much in the way of quality living.

The fourth phase addresses issues like rehabilitation, reconstructive tissue treatments and reintegration efforts. It is this fourth phase that opens to door to the beginnings of improved quality of life. Of course, the patient will also benefit from physical, occupational and emotional/mental health treatment as well.

As you can see, recovering from burn injuries is a challenging process that requires funding to be effective. For those suffering from burn injuries due to another party’s negligence, the logical approach is exploring legal ways to acquire these funds.

If you are a burn victim living in the Denver, Colorado, area, please explore the legal website of the Mahoney law firm. Our attorneys know the law and also have a medical background that can help you with your case.