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Trooper investigating accident is hit and killed

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2015 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

A police officer in Colorado was called to the scene of an accident out on Interstate 25. The trooper, a member of the Colorado State Patrol, was investigating that first wreck when she was hit while outside of her patrol car by a second vehicle. She was killed in the accident.

The crash happened south of Castle Rock, and reports indicate that the driver who hit the officer is thought to have been under the influence when it happened. Additionally, it appears that the 52-year-old man initially left the scene of the deadly crash, though he was later found and arrested. He used to be an officer in the military, but he had retired.

The police officer was just 33 years old. People have already set up an online fund to help the family that she has left behind. She had been part of the force since 2011, and she’d started working near Vail. She had only switched to Castle Rock in 2014.

The man was apparently going south when he hit the trooper, and he sped off that direction after the impact. He did eventually stop, however, on Spruce Mountain Road.

Court documents indicate that the man was crying when he was found by the police and that he admitted to having killed the officer. The passenger in the vehicle, who claimed to have been sleeping at the time of the accident, said the two had been drinking before and during the Broncos game. This passenger stated that the driver had consumed as many as seven beers.

Those who have lost loved ones in tragic car accidents may have a right to seek compensation.

Source: CBS, “Investigator Allegedly Hears Suspect In Trooper’s Death Say ‘I Killed A Cop’,” Nov. 16, 2015