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Fire safety during the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2015 | Personal Injury

For families in Colorado and around the country, the holidays are often favorite times of the year. From the Thanksgiving turkey to the Christmas tree, our traditions began long ago and continue to this day. However, the chance of burn injuries is also higher during this time of year.

There’s always a chance of a burn injury when you’re in the kitchen. A pan of water might boil over, the gravy might slip over the side of a pan onto your hand or a cake pan might fall. Any of these instances can result in severe burns. When people enjoy an adult beverage or two, it can be even easier to have an accident involving a plate of hot food.

With any type of electric Christmas lights, there’s always a chance of a fire from a string of lights with a short, a faulty electrical cord or even an over dry tree. When you’re injured in a serious accident, it can really end up costing you more than simply a missed holiday celebration.

There are ways to prevent these types of accidents. If you’ve imbibed a bit, have someone else take the turkey out of the oven. Make sure you water a live tree regularly, choose your Christmas lights carefully, avoid overloading your outlets and never leave candles burning when you leave the room.

If you or a loved one are injured in such an accident, you may have a lawsuit against the city. Your attorney can give you additional information on whether you have a viable case against the defendants who caused your accident or were responsible for your injuries.