Having car trouble on the interstate can be frightening. Traffic is moving so fast and you don’t know if you can get help or not. One thing that motorists need to do when stranded is get their vehicles off the road if possible and stay in their vehicles.

Unfortunately, one person in Denver stepped out of a vehicle after experiencing some sort of problem with the car. It happened on eastbound I-70 near the Brighton Boulevard exit..

The person — police didn’t state whether the person hit was a man or woman — was critically injured. The driver of the car that struck the person was also injured and transported to a local hospital for observation.

A secondary news report said that the driver who struck the person would not be charged. However, that does not mean that the victim of this auto-pedestrian accident cannot seek compensation from the driver who struck the vehicle. Criminal charges are not a requirement for civil action.

In an accident, the police will normally determine fault, However, if the victim or his or her family does not agree with the finding, an accident reconstructionist can determine if the police findings were correct or not.

In many cases, the victim of the accident or the family of an accident victim who died can seek compensation for many damages, including medical expenses,burial expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of potential income and much more. A Coloado attorney can provide a great deal more information on how the process works and what your legal options are.

Source: The Denver Post, “I-70 reopens after person was struck and critically injured,” Kirk Mitchell, Dec. 29, 2015