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3 killed in accident that may have involved negligent driver

On Behalf of | May 17, 2016 | MVA/Car Accidents

A fatal motor vehicle accident in Douglas County, Colorado may have been caused by an aggressive driver that “brake-checked” the vehicle that eventually lost control and careened off the road. Three of the people in that vehicle were killed in the accident and one person was injured.

Details are very light on the other vehicle. All that is known is that a witness saw another vehicle near the one that crashed, and that witness said it appeared the other vehicle performed a brake check maneuver. No other information is available at this time about the other vehicle, so the authorities are looking for people to come forward and provide them with any information they have.

Crashes like this which may involve an aggressive driver or a hit-and-run driver are tragic. Not only have people been harmed — or in this particular case, lost their lives — but the other driver is cowardly and chooses the criminal way, to flee the scene. That’s what this boils down to. Regardless of the specifics of the accident, fleeing the scene of a wreck is a criminal act.

People who are harmed in these types of accidents may have to wait for their justice, unfortunately. Sometimes the fleeing driver does get away — but most are caught. Their actions paint them in a terrible light and they are often held liable for their actions in both civil court and criminal court. If another driver has harmed you in an accident, you should consult an attorney to ensure your legal options are open.

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