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The effects of alcohol and fatal motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2016 | MVA/Car Accidents

Most Colorado residents know that driving requires all of their attention and concentration. They have to be ready to react to changes in the traffic pattern and obstacles that could get in their paths. Being impaired by alcohol makes this nearly impossible and could lead to serious or fatal motor vehicle accidents.

The skills that are required in order to drive safely are often greatly diminished by the effects of alcohol. The ability to concentrate is decreased, which makes it difficult to keep track of everything on the road and in the vehicle. Many people who are impaired are unable to keep their vehicles in the correct lane. In fact, some drivers end up going the wrong way, even on divided highways because their vision is compromised.

Seeing street signs, traffic signals and other vehicles, along with pedestrians, is more difficult as well. Reaction times are not only affected by a diminished capacity to think, but also by the decreased ability to control the hands and feet. Some drunk drivers fall asleep while driving. When some or all of these issues are combined, it is a recipe for disaster.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk drivers take tens of thousands of lives each year, including many here in Colorado. As the families of the victims attempt to process their losses, they retain the right to file wrongful death claims against the drivers, and possibly other parties, believed to be responsible. If the evidence establishes that the death of their loved ones was due to the negligence of another, they could receive restitution for the damages incurred, along with some closure and peace regarding their losses.

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