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High-cervical nerve injury? Know what to expect

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2017 | Personal Injury

Injuring the vertebrae of your spinal cord can change your entire life in an instant, especially when your injury occurs in the higher vertebrae C1 through C4. While injuring vertebrae and enclosed nerves in any part of you back can inflict serious, long-term damage, the result of a high-cervical nerve (HCN) injury can be absolutely devastating.

If you recently suffered such injury, it is time to face some harsh possibilities about what your immediate future and ongoing quality of life may look like. The practical realities of living with such a severe injury may mean that your income decreases sharply or entirely dries up. At the same time, a HCN injury can affect nearly every area of your mobility and even your ability to communicate.

If you are exceptionally fortunate, you may not have long-term effects from the injury. However, a large majority of those who suffer a HCN injury find it difficult to live their normal life without several kinds of assistance, while the additional costs of medical care and therapy can quickly pile up to seem like an insurmountable burden.

With thoughtful, careful guidance from an experienced attorney who understands the full weight of a serious, life-altering injury, you can walk through this difficult season and get the help you need to live the best quality of life you can achieve.

What can I expect from my injury?

Because of the wide range of bodily functions that depend on HCN’s, it is not possible to fully predict how your injury may affect your daily life. However, it is crucial for you to get appropriate medical care immediately. If you do not get proper diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible, your injury may worsen and could go from temporary and recoverable to a permanent situation.

While each injury is different, HCN damage can manifest as paralysis in many parts of your body. This might include your legs, your trunk, your arms and your hands.

It may also greatly affect your ability to control your breathing and coughing. Similarly, bladder function and bowel control can suffer from a HCN injury.

In broad strokes, those who suffer HCN injuries regularly need daily assistance to accomplish even simple tasks like eating, bathing, or dressing themselves, or just getting out of a bed. It is very common for HCN injuries to necessitate constant personal care.

You may even experience difficulty communicating clearly. For many people, an injury that affects this many areas of their body makes work impossible, while the costs just keep coming.

Still, with proper help, you can take control of your circumstances and chart a path forward.

Build a strong team to fight alongside you

It is not an exaggeration to say that you are now in the fight of your life after suffering an HCN injury. The good news is that you do not have to fight this fight all alone — in fact it is highly unwise to attempt it.

You should not hesitate to consult with an experienced attorney, preferably one with a background in practicing medicine. The guidance of an experienced attorney can help you fully understand the weight of your injury and examine your circumstances to find the best path toward fair compensation for your injuries and reclaiming hope in the future.