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Motorcycle accidents, devastating injuries and monetary losses

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

All that is between you and the road is your helmet, your clothes and the two wheels beneath you. In many ways, that gives you a sense of freedom as you ride through Colorado’s beautiful mountain scenery, but it also puts you at risk for serious injuries. Motorcycle accidents often end up causing devastating injuries, which ultimately lead to high monetary losses during your recovery.

Medical expenses and lost income are usually just the beginning of the damages that you suffer in an accident. As you lay in the hospital or sit at home waiting for your body to mend, you probably start wondering how you are going to afford to support you and your family. Using vacation time and sick time, if you have any, will not last forever. The paychecks could run out before you can return to work. Of course, that assumes that you can return to work at all.

Due to the small footprint of motorcycles, they often end up in the blind spots of other vehicles. Many motorcycle riders are cut off by other vehicles whose drivers failed to check their blind spots. Of course, this is not the only circumstance under which another party could be responsible for your injuries; it just happens to be one of the most often cited in crashes involving commercial and passenger vehicles and motorcycles.

The point is that if the negligence of someone else led to the serious injuries that you suffered, you may seek restitution through the filing of a personal injury claim. If you provide a Colorado civil court with the appropriate evidence to establish the other party’s negligence, you could receive much needed restitution. An attorney who handles motorcycle accidents could help gather that evidence and present it to the court. In addition, he or she can assess your damages and present the evidence of them to the court in a way that may increase the chances of you receiving all of the restitution to which you are entitled.