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Alcohol is suspected in many fatal motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Despite knowing its dangers, many people here in Colorado and elsewhere continue to drink and drive. This more than likely explains why Colorado police often suspect alcohol in fatal motor vehicle accidents. The sad thing is that — whether alcohol plays a role in a crash or not — people lose their lives.

One Colorado city’s police department suspects that alcohol may have played a role in a crash that occurred on a recent Friday night shortly before 8 p.m. The two vehicles involved were traveling in opposite directions on U.S. 85 at the time. A car veered into the oncoming lane of travel and slammed into a van.

Considering the fact that the car’s headlights were not on, the driver of the van more than likely did not have the time to avoid the collision. That van carried two occupants at the time of the crash, and one of them did not survive the injuries suffered in the impact. The other survived, but was injured. That individual was taken to a hospital in the area along with the driver of the car, who suffered injuries described as being critical.

As the investigation continues, the family of the victim in the van must bury its loved one. The extent and nature of the injuries to the other victim was not reported, but he or she could face a lengthy recovery. The driver believed to be at fault may not only face criminal charges, but also civil claims. If the evidence presented to a civil court proves negligence caused the death and injuries suffered, an award of damages like those seen in other fatal motor vehicle accidents could result.

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