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Jury says defective hip implants caused harm to patients

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2017 | MVA/Car Accidents

Advancements in medical technology have improved the lives of thousands of people around the country, including many here in Colorado. However, some of the devices that are placed inside patients have defects that end up causing harm to patients. One such device manufactured and distributed by Johnson & Johnson and its DePuy Orthopaedics unit has been the subject of numerous lawsuits. In fact, one federal court jury sitting in another state recently determined that defective hip implants caused injuries and substantial harm to the six patients who were the subject of a lawsuit.

In fact, this is the third jury to side with patients regarding the Pinnacle hip implants distributed by the well-known company and its orthopaedics unit, despite the companies’ assertions that clinical data supports the use of the devices. The implants in question are metal on metal, which the company claims lasts longer than those made with other materials. However, some patients have experienced significant pain and injuries from the implants.

Even so, DePuy stopped manufacturing the hip implants in 2013 due to stricter regulation by the Food and Drug Administration. Apparently, the devices have a design flaw that causes bone erosion, tissue death and other injuries. The three verdicts already handed down are worth millions of dollars, and there are still thousands of cases moving their way through the courts.

Colorado residents who find that they suffered significant injuries from these defective hip implants may be entitled to pursue restitution for their suffering. However, going up against a company like Johnson & Johnson in a products liability case can be daunting, stressful and complex. It would be of great benefit for anyone in such a position to discuss the matter with an attorney who practices in this area of the law and will provide compassionate and aggressive representation.

Source: Reuters, “Johnson & Johnson hit with $247 million verdict in hip implant trial“, Tina Bellon, Nov. 16, 2017