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Many fatal motor vehicle accidents involve trucks

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | MVA/Car Accidents

As you can imagine, a vehicle weighing upwards of 40 tons probably will not stop on a dime or be maneuvered evasively as well as smaller vehicles could. With all of the big rigs traveling the roads here in Colorado and across the country, it may not come as a surprise that out of every eight fatal motor vehicle accidents, one of them involves one of these massive vehicles. When the size and weight of these vehicles is added to the probability of inclement weather and other potential road hazards here in Colorado, it could turn into a recipe for disaster.

Truck accidents can happen under the best of circumstances, but when you add issues such as driver fatigue, distractions and substance abuse, the number of crashes rises dramatically. With deadlines to meet, drivers often push their trucks and themselves to the limit. Speeding could be dangerous enough, but if mechanical issues with the truck are not taken care of, the brakes could fail or tires could blow, among other things.

Truckers’ employers may also bear fault in these wrecks. Failing to provide adequate training and maintain fleet vehicles could have dire consequences. Some employers push their drivers to meet unreasonable deadlines, which causes drivers to bend, or break, the rules to keep their jobs. Further, employers are legally responsible for the on-the-job negligence of their workers.

If you recently joined the unenviable number of Colorado residents who lost loved ones in fatal motor vehicle accidents involving big rigs, you too may exercise your right to file a wrongful death claim seeking restitution for your loss. If the evidence provided to the court proves that the death of your loved one resulted from some negligence on the part of the truck driver, you may be entitled to an award of damages. No amount of money can give you back what you lost, but it could help with the financial burdens that loss created.