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It only took jury 8 hours to decide talcum powder harms women

Colorado women may not know that as early as 1971, scientists began alerting people that cervical and ovarian tumors removed from women contained talc. Further research studies are divided regarding whether using talcum powder in the genital area causes ovarian cancer. Even so, numerous juries in courts across the country have held Johnson & Johnson liable for the ovarian cancer suffered by women who say they used the company's Baby Powder for years.

Spinal Injuries can take you out of the workplace for good

Spinal injuries remain one of the least understood injuries in public knowledge, especially when it comes to "moderate" spinal injuries. A severe spinal injury is devastating for the victim, but at least this type of injury is a bit easier to understand than moderate or mild instances of spinal trauma.

Alcohol contributes to many fatal motor vehicle accidents

Regardless of the warnings, people here in Colorado and elsewhere continue to get behind the wheel after drinking. They risk their lives and the lives of others and could cause fatal motor vehicle accidents that are ordinarily entirely preventable. When that happens, families are torn apart and people lose their lives meaninglessly.

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