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Causes of motorcycle accidents and safety tips to remember

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2018 | MVA/Car Accidents

Driving a motorcycle on the rustic open roads of Denver is a great thrill for many enthusiasts, as there’s something special about the time you spend on your bike. With the exhilaration of operating a motorcycle, however, comes the responsibility to handle your vehicle safely.

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents, and, in many cases, it’s a mistake made by another person that puts you in harm’s way.

Here are some common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Another motorist turning into your path: For example, if you’re driving toward an intersection, another motorist may attempt to turn left in front of you. While this is okay if there’s enough space, trying to rush the turn could result in a head on collision.
  • Inclement weather: It’s not always easy to control a motorcycle in inclement weather, such as when the rain begins to fall and the wind picks up. If this happens when you’re on your bike, alter your driving strategy to improve your safety.
  • Poor road conditions: You hope that every road is properly maintained, but you know you’ll run into issues every now and again. From potholes to loose gravel, keep your eyes on the road ahead. You need to avoid these hazards to avoid an accident.

What about safety gear?

In a traditional motor vehicle, you don’t need to wear safety gear. Instead, you can rely on the vehicle itself to keep you safe in an accident, such as the air bags and seatbelt.

With a motorcycle, you don’t have the same luxury. Instead, it’s the safety gear you wear that can help you avoid a serious injury. A motorcycle helmet is a must, as this can be the difference between making a full recovery and suffering a life altering injury.

Also, consider wearing gloves, long pants and riding boots every time you hop on your bike. These things don’t sound like essential items, but you’ll be glad you were wearing them if you’re part of an accident.

Just because you’re aware of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents it doesn’t mean you’ll never run into this type of trouble.

If another driver causes an accident, call for immediate help and receive medical attention as quickly as possible. From there, contact your insurance company and learn more about your legal rights for holding the negligent driver responsible for their actions.