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Eye-tracking technology gives our former client a voice

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

They said this quality of life was impossible

During Joshua’s medical malpractice case, the insurance defense lawyers hired doctors to say that Joshua would never be able to communicate. In fact, they asserted that he would be dead by now. Obviously, they were completely wrong. Thirteen years after his lawsuit was settled, Joshua is doing great. 

Joshua and his parents are happily living in Florida now. He uses an eye-tracking technology called “Eyegaze” to communicate. He has a computer screen attached to the front of his wheelchair, and he moves his eyes from one letter to the next to spell words. It is really remarkable how well he can converse with this tool.

We care about keeping in touch

We are honored to have played a role in Joshua’s inspiring story, and we find great pleasure in the fact that these former clients (among others) still keep in touch with us many years after the case is settled.


(Above: Joshua with attorneys Kevin and Paul Mahoney)


(Left: Joshua in front of an old picture of himself that hangs in our firm’s conference room.)