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Running red lights could end in fatal motor vehicle accidents

Just about everyone, whether they live here in Colorado or somewhere else in the country, has attempted to get through an intersection before the light turns red. Those who made it through the intersection unscathed ought to count themselves lucky because it could have turned out badly. Still others fail to pay attention or are impaired when they do not stop at red lights. No matter what the reason, running red lights can easily end in fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Couple awarded more than $2 billion for cancer caused by RoundupĀ®

At the heart of most product liability lawsuits is the allegation that a manufacturer failed to warn consumers of the dangers posed by the product. Many of the things consumers buy contain some inherent dangers - risks most people are willing to take as long as manufacturers include warnings and instructions on how to use the product more safely. When they fail to do this, companies expose themselves to serious legal and financial liability.

Alcohol and teens can lead to fatal motor vehicle accidents

Like teens across the country, Colorado teenagers with driver's licenses do not have enough experience to drive safely unless they consistently and constantly keep their attention on the road. Parents of driving teens know this, and so do insurance companies, which is why policy rates can increase dramatically once a licensed teenage driver is added. Once other factors are introduced into a teen's driving experience, such as alcohol, the potential for serious and even fatal motor vehicle accidents rises even further.

Is a trucking company responsible for your recent crash?

When two vehicles crash, most people assume that the fault lies with one or both of the drivers. Although vehicular malfunctions and weather conditions, as well as traffic issues, can play a role in crashes, it is usually a driver's decision or inaction that leads to a serious collision. However, it is not always solely the responsibility of the drivers involved in the crash.

Out of control trucks can cause fatal motor vehicle accidents

When cars get out of control, their drivers may not be able to recover. Crashes that result from these scenarios can have devastating results. However, when 18-wheelers are involved, the odds of a loss of control of these vehicles can easily result in fatal motor vehicle accidents.

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