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Out of control trucks can cause fatal motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | MVA/Car Accidents

When cars get out of control, their drivers may not be able to recover. Crashes that result from these scenarios can have devastating results. However, when 18-wheelers are involved, the odds of a loss of control of these vehicles can easily result in fatal motor vehicle accidents.

An accident that recently happened on Interstate 70 here in Colorado unfortunately illustrated this fact in a grand fashion. An out-of-control big rig slammed into traffic on the highway. The crash ultimately involved at least 28 vehicles. So far, the deaths of four people are confirmed. Several others involved in the accident suffered a variety of injuries.

Preliminary reports indicate that the mammoth vehicle was traveling at approximately 85 mph at the time of the crash. The driver claims the brakes failed and he attempted to pull off the road, but was unable to do so due to the presence of another truck. He went on to say that he was sure he would die, so he closed his eyes just before the accident.

Police took the driver into custody. The conclusion of the investigation will determine whether he faces charges of vehicular homicide, at least. Other charges could also be filed depending on what authorities find. At present, most seem to agree it was simply a tragic accident.

However, even if the driver is relieved of any criminal liability in the crash, it does not necessarily release him from civil liability. Others could also become involved in any potential wrongful death or personal injury claims resulting from this crash after a thorough investigation into what happened. As is the case in other serious or fatal motor vehicle accidents, the victims and/or their families will need to prove to a Colorado court that negligence and/or recklessness led to this tragedy.