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Children often suffer due to other people’s negligence

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | MVA/Car Accidents

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Just as other parents around the country do, Colorado parents do what they can to protect their children from harm. Most kids will suffer some sort of injuries as they grow up — skinned knees, minor cuts and bruises, and perhaps the occasional broken bone from playing too hard. When their children are with them, those parents believe they can keep their children from suffering injuries, especially ones that could change the course of their lives. Sadly, that sometimes proves impossible when the negligence of someone else results in a serious accident.

Some Colorado parents were unable to keep their children from suffering harm at the hands of a reportedly reckless driver on a recent Friday afternoon. As they traveled westbound on Highway 50, the driver of another vehicle decided to speed along the shoulder of the highway and slam into a vehicle occupied by two adults and three children. The impact caused both vehicles to roll over, causing injuries to everyone involved.

One 8-year-old child and the 35-year-old driver of the westbound vehicle suffered serious injuries. The other adult and two children suffered injuries described as moderate. All five were taken to hospitals in the area.

The 38-year-old driver of the reckless vehicle suffered moderate injuries as well. As soon as she is able, police will transport her to the Pueblo County jail. Reckless driving, alcohol and drugs are suspected as the factors that led to this crash.

Any evidence presented in the criminal case against this reckless driver could help prove negligence in personal injury claims of the victims filed in a Colorado court. Depending on the severity of the injuries suffered by the victims, they could suffer permanent disability, but the psychological damage could end up lasting a lifetime. Living through such a tragedy as a child could leave scars that never heal, and holding the party believed liable accountable could become a priority for parents.