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Xarelto drug prices start to show up in commercials

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Defective Products/Toxic Torts

Traditionally, drug commercials on TV have not included prices. Companies have simply told consumers what the drugs do and what side effects they can expect, leaving it up to the consumers to go to their doctors and learn more about the costs.

That may be changing, though. A new rule that begins in July of 2019 — if it doesn’t get blocked or overturned — says that drug companies have to add the prices to their advertisements. This would give consumers more information about what they would pay and what options they have.

Standing against the rule

Some drug companies, since they do not want to disclose the prices to the public, have decided to sue and counter this rule. Though it stands right now, the outcome of that case will prove very important indeed.

One of their main arguments for why the rule is unfair and unneeded is that insurance companies often help people by splitting up the costs of medications or even covering them completely. They say that telling a person what a drug costs is actually misleading since the price could be a bit different for everyone.

For instance, if the medication cost $500 per month for someone without insurance, someone else may just have to pay a $40 co-pay, while another person could get it for free. It’s not actually free, of course, but included in the price of the insurance. Still, that’s a wide range and makes it hard to report a price.

Moving forward

In any case, some companies have decided to start adhering to the rule early. Among them is Johnson & Johnson, which makes Xarelto. In one commercial, they noted that the price per month sits at $448 in the spring/summer of 2019. However, they also added that most people would only have to pay a maximum of $47 every month, and some would pay nothing at all.

This solution allows Johnson & Johnson to reveal the price of Xarelto, in accordance with the new rule, while still trying to provide consumers with the lowest possible price options.

But is it safe?

While this new rule does help you get more information about Xarelto, it does not tell you anything about how dangerous the drug may be. It can cause uncontrollable bleeding. In some cases, this can be fatal. Regardless of the cost, is that a risk that you want to take?

If you have already used Xarelto and suffered serious consequences, or if you have lost a loved one, you must know what legal rights you have in Colorado.