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Pillows designed for babies recalled over suffocation risk

New parents usually get a crash course in just how dangerous the world is for infants while preparing for the birth of their child or after they bring their new infant home. The hospital will probably warn you about letting the kids sleep in your bed, while social workers will be quick to tell you that killer couches are a major concern to.

Some hit-and-run bicycle or pedestrian accidents do get solved

When a driver leaves the scene of a crash he or she caused, many unanswered questions remain, especially for families who lose loved ones. Hit-and-run bicycle or pedestrian accidents are no exception whether they take place here in Colorado or elsewhere. Fortunately, with diligent police work, many of the culprits are apprehended, even if they flee to another state.

Motorcycle riders often pay the price for drivers' recklessness

Every driver owes a duty of reasonable care to others on Colorado's roadways, requiring them to act responsibly, pay attention and otherwise adhere to safety regulations. In some ways, those in passenger vehicles owe an enhanced duty to motorcycle riders who navigate the state's highways, byways and streets at the same speeds, but without the same protections. When reckless drivers fail to do so, these individuals often pay the ultimate price.

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