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Some hit-and-run bicycle or pedestrian accidents do get solved

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2019 | Pedestrian Accidents

When a driver leaves the scene of a crash he or she caused, many unanswered questions remain, especially for families who lose loved ones. Hit-and-run bicycle or pedestrian accidents are no exception whether they take place here in Colorado or elsewhere. Fortunately, with diligent police work, many of the culprits are apprehended, even if they flee to another state.

Back on July 4, a bicyclist lost his life around 6:30 a.m. that day. The driver of the vehicle that struck him fled the scene. Even though police located the vehicle believed to be involved in the tragedy in a nearby apartment complex, the person who drove it on that day was not. Detectives working the case decided to make use of crime stoppers by issuing an alert through that medium on July 9.

It was not until days later when police located the individual believed to be driving the vehicle that struck and killed the bicycle rider. Law enforcement officials in Nebraska took the man into custody. He now faces charges here in Colorado in connection with the incident, including vehicular homicide.

Families who lose loved ones in hit-and-run bicycle or pedestrian accidents should not give up hope that justice will prevail. Perpetrators who are found and taken into custody could face both criminal and civil proceedings in connection with the accidents it is believed they caused. Not only can prosecutors take them to court, but so can the surviving family members of the victim who choose to pursue restitution for the financial losses and other damages sustained in the wake of such tragedies.