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Speed often contributes to tragic motorcycle accidents

There is a saying that has been around for almost as long as the automobile -- "speed kills." This is in reference to a situation where speed can cause a driver to lose control. An out of control vehicle in Colorado can become a very dangerous weapon and cause serious accidents. Often motorcycles are involved and the outcome of such motorcycle accidents is often fatal. Add alcohol to the mix and it is a recipe for disaster.

You need to build a case for compensation after a brain injury

Different kinds of injuries create different hurdles and complications. If you hurt your brain in an accident, it can be particularly difficult to prove the exact nature and symptoms of the injury. Compared with a fracture or a spinal injury, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) create a much broader range of potential symptoms.

Colorado woman succumbs to injuries in fatal auto accident

Any driver here in Colorado or elsewhere can make a deadly mistake on the road, but younger drivers tend to make them more often. If they are lucky, no one gets seriously hurt when that happens, but there are no guarantees. Unfortunately, the mistake made recently by an 18-year-old driver resulted in a fatal auto accident.

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