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What can you do after your insurance company denies a claim?

To people on the outside, insurance systems can sometimes seem like a pyramid scheme or outright scam. In reality, insurance is a heavily regulated industry with careful underwriting and in-depth policies that explicitly break down the coverage available to the individuals who purchase them.

Sometimes, the public helps solve auto vs. pedestrian accidents

Not everyone remains at the scene of a Colorado crash even when someone else suffers serious or deadly injuries. When a driver does flee the scene, it could take a substantial amount of time for police to locate the vehicle and driver involved. Fortunately, the public can sometimes provide invaluable assistance in finding the drivers and vehicles involved in all types of crashes, including auto vs. pedestrian accidents.

Justice in fatal motor vehicle accidents could take time

When Colorado residents lose a loved one in a violent and sudden act, they ordinarily want answers, closure and justice. Unfortunately, it could take some time to receive what they need in order to move forward -- whether it comes from the criminal justice system, the civil court system or both. This is often the case even in fatal motor vehicle accidents.

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