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Justice in fatal motor vehicle accidents could take time

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2019 | MVA/Car Accidents

When Colorado residents lose a loved one in a violent and sudden act, they ordinarily want answers, closure and justice. Unfortunately, it could take some time to receive what they need in order to move forward — whether it comes from the criminal justice system, the civil court system or both. This is often the case even in fatal motor vehicle accidents.

A case that started over one year ago recently came to a conclusion. On July 24, 2018, two people died in a car crash on Highway 24 here in Colorado. One driver attempted to pass a vehicle, but ended up moving directly into the path of a dump truck coming from the opposite direction. The dump truck maneuvered to avoid the collision and ended up colliding with a third vehicle.

The 75-year-old driver and his 71-year-old passenger in that third vehicle lost their lives. The 64-year-old driver of the dump truck suffered serious injuries, and his passenger escaped with only minor injuries. The driver found at fault was an El Paso County Sheriff’s deputy who a court recently found guilty of charges associated with the crash, and the deaths and injuries of the victims. 

There is an old saying that says, in part, “the wheels of justice turn slowly,” and anyone who suffers the loss of a loved one may agree. However, taking the time to get everything right is a vital part of the system. Even so, many people get discouraged with the justice system, whether civil or criminal. When it comes to litigation in fatal motor vehicle accidents, gaining closure, justice and restitution may take time.