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Fire safety during the holidays

For families in Colorado and around the country, the holidays are often favorite times of the year. From the Thanksgiving turkey to the Christmas tree, our traditions began long ago and continue to this day. However, the chance of burn injuries is also higher during this time of year.

The full cost of burn injuries

A lot of burn injuries in Colorado are actually pretty minor. A study in 2011 showed that people suffering from thermal burns were only out of work for five days, on average, while people with chemical burns missed just three days.

Burns don't always come from chemicals or hot surfaces

When you think of burns, you probably think of thermal burns -- which you get from hot surfaces and open flames -- and chemical burns. It's wise to note that you can also get serious burns from cold surfaces and cold temperatures. These are known as cold burns.

The long lasting effects of burn injuries

Burns are some of the most devastating personal injuries a person can experience. In addition to the extensive physical damage to tissue, burns also affect victims in emotional and psychological ways. Worsening an already terrible situation, treatment for burn injuries can quickly deplete a person's financial reserves if he or she does not have a safety net in place.

What to do in mass fire situations

Denver residents might be interested in learning what to do if a mass fire occurs. It is helpful to understand the correct steps to take in a mass casualty situation so that one can respond appropriately and render necessary first aid as needed. Moreover, prompt care may make the difference between life and death for some individuals who have suffered burns in such a situation.

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