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Largest Jury Verdict In A Dental Malpractice Case In Colorado History

The Mahoney Law Firm recently obtained the largest jury verdict in a dental malpractice case in Colorado history. The verdict was for $2 million dollars in a case where the defendant never made any offer.

Danger: surgical exposure to infectious disease

Going in for surgery is almost always a stressful endeavor. Even the most routine surgeries carry some amount of risk, and the potential for complication grows as the procedure becomes more complicated. In these situations, we count on our care team to keep us safe.

FDA: Some mesh implants now deemed 'high risk'

It's taken a few years for the Food and Drug Administration to take clearer action regarding transvaginal mesh implants, but now it has. Early this month, the FDA issued two pronouncements, both aimed at trying to reduce what one official calls "the significant risks associated with surgical mesh for repair of pelvic organ prolapse (POP)."

Most doctors will still come in when they're sick

The last thing you want when you're at the doctor's office is a doctor who may give you a sickness or disease. If you're in surgery, you could be susceptible to any little bug, and your body could be weak as you heal. This is when a sickness can be very dangerous.

How many people will experience diagnosis errors?

Diagnosis errors made by doctors and other medical professionals are much more common than a lot of people think, and they can have incredibly drastic results. In fact, they've been linked to about 10 percent of all patient deaths. Every year, there are also hundreds of thousands of incidents in which people are harmed. Many of these incidents lead to medical malpractice cases.

Nursing home negligence: Another form of medical malpractice

Unfortunately, medical malpractice can appear in many forms. When the time comes to seek long-term care for the elder members of a family, nursing homes are among the first options. This occurs when the elders are no longer able to care for themselves and function safely.

What are the most common medical or hospital errors?

If you are about to undergo medical treatment in a hospital or physician's office setting, you are right to want to know the worst that might happen. Patient self-education is becoming an increasingly important tool in preventing health care negligence. This is because with an education, the patient can ask the right questions of his or her care providers and have a better chance of spotting any danger signs before treatment begins.

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