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Hospitalized patients can reduce the risk of medical errors

Most Colorado patients expect to be in good hands during their hospital stay. However, a report shows that over 400,000 deaths that occur across the nation every year are the result of medical errors that take place while the patient is hospitalized. While some of the risks of being hospitalized are beyond the control of the medical staff, patients may be able to ease their own recovery process.

High-tech sponges only a start for reducing surgery errors

Colorado readers may be interested in a report released on March 25 that says that leaving objects behind in a patient following surgery is one of the most common surgical errors. An analysis revealed that approximately 2,024 medical malpractice claims are filed each year for this type of surgery mistake.

Surgical checklists have defenders and detractors

Colorado residents may be surprised when they find out how often some serious surgical errors are committed in operating rooms across the country. One technique is being used to ensure that they don't happen, but some new research is questioning its effectiveness.

Civil cases could resume after doctor is sentenced

The civil cases against a New York medical doctor, his medical practice group and hospitals where he worked, might be able to resume. A stay was imposed until the Poughkeepsie doctor's trial on insurance fraud concluded. According to federal prosecutors, the physician performed thousands of fraudulent and negligent surgeries over a five-year period for which he was paid $7.5 million. The surgical practice billed more than $35 million and the physician saw approximately 60 patients daily.

Family of disabled boxer planning $100 million suit 

Colorado boxing fans may have been aware of two previously undefeated boxers that squared off in New York late last year. Mike Perez took a 19-0 record into the fight, and Magomed Abdusalamov had compiled a previous 18-0 record. On Nov. 2, the heavyweight boxing match at Madison Square Garden between Perez and Abdusalamov was brutal. Abdusalamov had won all 18 of his previous fights in five rounds or less, but he lost a unanimous 10-round decision in this instance.

Surgeon accused of leaving patient during open heart surgery

Colorado patients may have heard that a California man accused a cardiologist of leaving his stepfather in the middle of open heart surgery, and he has since filed a lawsuit. According to the report, complications allegedly arose after the physician had left, which ultimately left the stepfather in a vegetative state.

Robot surgery safe according to doctor

Residents in Colorado might be wary of surgeries involving robotic arms, but according to one doctor, an advantage to robotic surgeries is that doctors can make fewer incisions and perform more complex surgeries than they would be able to with their own hands. Moreover, using the arms is like using any other kind of surgical tool. Despite the recalls and controversies, one doctor is still positive about the new technology, saying that he will continue to use the robot in the operating room.

Woman sues hospital over glove left in abdomen

Colorado residents may be interested in a medical malpractice suit in which a woman is suing several parties over a surgical glove that was reportedly left in her abdomen during surgery. On Dec. 30, 2011, doctors at Omaha's Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction performed a six-hour surgery on the woman with the intent of boosting fertility. It was unknown at the time, but a surgical error was made that would ultimately prevent her from having children.

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