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We Represent Victims Of Legal Malpractice

Maybe your lawyer missed an important deadline or abandoned your case right before trial. Maybe he had a conflict of interest, or maybe she forced you to accept an unfair settlement offer. Whatever the situation, you deserve to understand your rights. If you have a valid legal malpractice claim, you can seek financial compensation for your losses.

For highly skilled assistance in this complex area of law, turn to The Mahoney Law Firm, P.C. Our team of Denver-based attorneys has represented numerous victims of legal malpractice across Colorado and Wyoming.

You can count on our attorneys to provide the trustworthy legal help you need after your trust was broken by other legal professionals.


We Handle Cases Involving All Types Of Errors

Our law firm is very familiar with the various types of legal malpractice claims. We can assist if you were affected by:

  • Failure to know and correctly apply the law
  • Conflict of interest
  • Mathematical computation errors
  • Failure to use a calendar system to record a deadline
  • Failure to know or calculate a deadline
  • Failure to file documents
  • Failure to adhere to instructions
  • Failure to explain risks or obtain consent
  • Fraud
  • Improper withdrawal from representation
  • Inadequate investigation or discovery
  • Strategy or planning errors
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Civil rights violations
  • Other types of attorney malpractice or negligence

Do You Have A Case Within A Case?

If your lawyer ignored the statute of limitations or missed a critical deadline, you may have missed out on the chance to file a personal injury claim or initiate a business lawsuit. In other words, you may have a “case within a case.”

In such a situation, we will attempt to prove that, if your attorney had not missed the deadline, you would have had a viable case and would likely have obtained a favorable settlement or verdict. Our goal is to obtain the full amount of compensation that you deserve.

Discover Your Options In A Free Consultation

We invite you to call The Mahoney Law Firm, P.C., at 303-800-3168 to schedule a consultation and to discuss whether you may have a claim. You can also reach us by email.